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3D Websites

3D Websites in 3D Internet Browsing or 3D Internet, are Connectible 3D Game Scenes.

These uniquely designed 3D Websites can be connected end-to-end (side-by-side), overlapping, or interwoven into 3D Scenes.

3D Website Types

In order to simplify the designs of 3D Websites, they are divided into 3 main types; 3D Communities, 3D Buildings, and 3D Things.

3D Community Scenes

3D Community Scene Websites are the 3D Scenes that provide the sky settings, extended ground, lighting, roads, landscape, 3D Buildings, 3D Things, etc... These 3D Community Scenes can virtually represent a community, city, province, state, country, continent, world, planet, solar system, universe, science fiction, real, or any other existence. Multiple 3D Communities can be connected end-to-end (side-by-side) or overlapping, while the sky settings and extended ground texture would need to either stay the same as first loaded or transition to the new settings. Read more...

3D Buildings

3D Building Websites are interwoven regions of a 3D Scene. Although they can visited directly with default sky settings and extended ground (both of which are ignored when added to a 3D Scene), 3D Building Websites are designed to create a building, 3D Store, 3D Game, structures, bridges, etc.. that can be edited on one place for easy maintenance, yet added to many 3D Community Scenes. They can also be added multiple times into one 3D Scene. Read more...

3D Things

3D Thing Websites are 3D Objects that can be added (interwoven) into 3D Buildings and 3D Communities. The main purpose is to simplify replication or isolate items for animation and scripting. Examples would include: having 4 chairs around a table, where the same chair is copied to 4 different positions, rotation, and scaling; Avatars, boats, airplanes, rockets, and other vehicles are 3D Things that can animate with movement in the 3D Scenes; and trees and shrubbery are also common 3D Things. 3D Things can also be visited directly with default sky settings and extended ground (both of which are ignored when added to a 3D Scene). Read more...

3D Webs

3D Webs are the shorthand notation for any 3D Communities, 3D Buildings, and 3D Things.