3D Thing Websites

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3D Thing Websites

3D Thing Websites are one of the three main types of Connectible 3D Websites that make up the 3D Internet for 3D Browsing. The idea behind 3D Things is to create a 3D Object once, yet use it many times. This works great with trees, bushes, furniture, vehicles, artwork, sculptures, bridges, walkways, light posts, etc...

3D Things are 3D Objects that can be added (interwoven) into 3D Buildings and 3D Communities. The main purpose is to simplify replication or isolate items for animation and scripting.

Examples would include:

  • having 4 chairs around a table, where the same chair is copied to 4 different positions, rotation, and scaling;
  • Avatars, boats, airplanes, rockets, and other vehicles are 3D Things that can animate with movement in the 3D Scenes; and
  • trees and shrubbery are also common 3D Things.

3D Things can also be visited directly with default sky settings and extended ground (both of which are ignored when added to a 3D Scene).

3D Thing Updates

Any changes made to 3D Thing are automatically loaded into your 3D Scene the next time it is visited. This makes it a truly dynamic, living environment, just like traditional Internet web pages.