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3D Internet

3D Internet is a matrix of connectable 3D Websites that are designed to seamlessly transverse across the Internet, in other words, 3D Internet Browsing.

Picture virtually walking down a street as an Avatar in a 3D Game where each Building you pass is a different 3D Website on the Internet. Like a conveyor belt, more buildings appear as you walk closer and other buildings disappear as you walk away. This dynamic 3D Internet technology is designed to create endless 3D Scenes.

The core difference between 3D Internet and a typical 3D Website is Connectibility. While there are many examples of a web page with a 3D Game, 3D Model, or 3D Experience on them, it is the Connectibility and ability to seamlessly traverse from one 3D Website to another that defines it as 3D Internet.

In addition, 3D Internet is not merely a 3D view of existing traditional web pages on 3D Walls (although it can be done in 3D Websites). 3D Internet is the implementation of 3D Buildings AS 3D Websites. 3D Internet coexists with the traditional Internet and can even have 3D Buttons to open traditional web pages in a browser tab or iframe.

3D Internet Cities

3D Internet Cities are virtual cities assembled using 3D Websites and 3D Internet. They are 3D Community Scenes that combine 3D Games, 3D Shopping Stores, 3D Buildings, and other 3D Things. They are characterized by the matrix of Connected 3D Websites hosted anywhere on the Internet and the dynamic ability to instantly update any 3D Website part within the 3D Internet City.