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3D Forms

3D Forms are 3D representation of traditional form elements that can be used in 3D Websites for input from the users.

Sample form elements can include:

  • 3D Buttons - may include hover over texture changes, alt tags, sound, and/or animation when pressed
  • 3D Text Boxes - often shown as indented area of a box that may include a raised cursor and/or 3D text.
  • 3D Check Boxes - often shown as indented area of a box that toggles a 3D text 'X' when selected.
  • 3D Radio Buttons - often shown as indented area of one or more spheres or cylinders that toggles between a selected sphere or cylinder.
  • 3D Scroll Bar - often shown as a 3D scroll area within a grove indented track with arrows on top and bottom to move the scroll bar and associated display 3D Wall.
  • 3D Wall - often a display of 3D Objects arranged on a surface of a box that can extrude from the surface. Example: 3D Blog.
  • 3D Images - images using height maps to extrude from the surface of the 3D Wall, may include hover over texture changes and/or alt tags.
  • 3D HR - horizontal ruler or long, thin box or cylinder that separates sections of a 3D Wall or 3D Form. In 3D, this can be rotated any direction (x,y,z) as needed.
  • 3D Image Frames - one or more flat image added with 3D Frames, can be used as slideshows.
  • 3D Animated Objects - not everything has to stand still or remain as loaded. For example, some objects can morph into other 3D shapes when hovered.

3D Blogs are an example using 3D Forms.