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3D Community Scene Websites

3D Community Scene Websites are one of the three main types of Connectible 3D Websites that make up the 3D Internet for 3D Browsing. 3D Community Scene Websites are the 3D Scenes that provide the sky settings, extended ground, lighting, roads, landscape, 3D Buildings, 3D Things, etc... These 3D Community Scenes can virtually represent a community, city, province, state, country, continent, world, planet, solar system, universe, science fiction, real, or any other existence. Multiple 3D Communities can be connected end-to-end (side-by-side) or overlapping, while the sky settings and extended ground texture would need to either stay the same as first loaded or transition to the new settings.

3D Communities can contain 3D Buildings, 3D Malls, 3D Games, 3D Shopping, amusement park rides, information, animations, automations (auto-bots), 3D Models, 3D Schools, Museums, reenactments, and much more.

3D Scenes

The 3D Scene is the entry point to the 3D Internet when 3D Browsing. The 3D Scene is the 3D Game environment for playing 3D Browsing Games, 3D Shopping Stores, and generally browsing the 3D Internet.

The 3D Scene is made up of one or more 3D Community Websites that connect and group 3D Building Websites.

In 3D Community Scene Websites#3D Scenes, you can experience 3D Browsing Games, 3D Shopping Stores, schools, museums, amusement rides, etc... to explore with your Avatar and various camera views.

URL Naming (Links) for 3D Community Websites

All 3D Websites start with either http://3d. or https://3d. (to make them easy to identify). There are two naming conventions for 3D Websites related to 3D Community Scenes; domain name and first level path names.

Domain Names for 3D Communities

    Examples of domain names used for 3D Browsing of 3D Community Websites include:
    * https://3d.DomainName.com
    * http://3d.DomainName.org

Path Names for 3D Communities

    Each domain name can also support multiple 3D Communities. Examples of path names used for 3D Browsing of 3D Community Websites include:
    * http://3d.DomainName.com/AnyCommunityName1
    * http://3d.DomainName.com/AnyCommunityName2
    * https://3d.AnotherDomainName.org/AnyCommunityName1
    * https://3d.AnotherDomainName.org/AnyCommunityName2

3D Community Updates

Any changes made to 3D Communities are automatically loaded into your 3D Scene the next time it is visited. This makes it a truly dynamic, living environment, just like traditional Internet web pages.