3D Building Websites

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3D Building Websites

3D Building Websites are one of the three main types of Connectible 3D Websites that make up the 3D Internet for 3D Browsing. 3D Building Websites are 3D Websites that render as 3D Buildings or 3D Structures for 3D Internet Browsing.

A 3D Building Website can be an actual 3D Building, 3D Shopping Store, 3D Mall, 3D Game, building complex, structure, bridge, statue, field, map area, and do not have to contain a Building. Think of the 3D Building Website as a region in a 3D Scene.

A 3D Building Website can be created and maintained in one place, yet added to many 3D Scenes for 3D Browsing. It is like franchising your 3D Building or 3D Game into many 3D Scenes to reach a larger audience.

3D Building Websites are made up of:

  • 3D Building Blocks - Molds and meshes in geometric shapes used to create walls, floors, doors, windows, structures, etc...
  • 3D Web Objects - Assembly of molds, meshes, animations, and procedures used to create Images with hovers, buttons, multimedia displays, interaction, 3D Forms, 3D Scrolling Walls, 3D Blogs, flowing water, fountains, star fields, sprites, etc...
  • 3D Models - 3D artwork Models and various mesh assemblies created using 3D Modeling Software.

3D Building Updates

Any changes made to 3D Buildings are automatically loaded into your 3D Scene the next time it is visited. This makes it a truly dynamic, living environment, just like traditional Internet web pages.